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ULT 6000

ULT6000 Key Features

Payload: 6000kg

Open Boom System

Hydraulic Powered – PTO

One Man Operation

The New Trend Universal Loader Trucks (ULT as we call them)  have some Unique Selling Features accross the entire ULT range, giving you the best deal for your money while ensuring your loader will have a long and safe operation time in your business.

Key Selling Points


With a high standard of workmanship from the steel to the final product, we have been known to build long-lasting Universal Loader Trucks. With a factory of a highly skilled team, perfection is a requirement.

Easy to Use

Built for one person to operate, and one control panel with efficient and safety measures in place. We go far beyond to ensure the ease of use when doing the heavy lifting in your business.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a quality Universal Loader Truck that works hard for you, time and time again, even if you are hard on it is what really gives you and all our clients over the years the confidence to build the future today.


Step 1

Simply park your Universal Loader Trucks and engage the PTO to power the high quality hydraulic pump.

Step 2

Lower the outrigger hydraulic legs to provide extra stabilisation when loading and unloading, by just pulling on the lever for each rear leg.

Step 3

Upload, load or tip the universal accessory of your choosing, from a Skip bin to Flow bin even a fiber cable toll we have you covered. This Universal Loader Truck can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Load, unload and tip anywhere from a golf estate to a construction site, with the New Trend Universal Loader Truck Range. Our three models load from smaller 2500kg payloads on the ULT2500 up to 6000kg payloads on the ULT6000.  

The New Trend Universal Loader Truck is more than just a Skip Loader and might just be the most valuable tool for your business. With many different functions and attachments, you can be filling a Skip Bin with rubble, moving pallets around, rolling off large cable toll, supplying water to a hard to reach construction site, all with one of our Universal Loader Trucks. 

Truck Range

High Build Quality

High Quality Hydraulics with Welded Cylinders

Graded Mild Steel Body

Galvanised Floor Skid Plates

Galvanised Bin Stops

Galvanised Side Underruns

Galvanised Stabilisers

High Gloss Polyurethane Paint

Safety & Control

Easy to use Controls

Powered by the truck’s PTO

Certified Tipping and Lifting Chains

Certified Load Plates

PTO Fail Safe

Hand Wash Tank

One-man Operation

Versatile Attachment Range

Skip Bins

Pallet Loader

Bulk Bag Loader

Cable Drum Loader

Round Bale Loader

Recycling Cage

Storage Container

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