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Tipper Trailers

The Hydraulic Tipper Trailer in effect is a commercial trailer loading bay fitted to an undercarriage with a hydraulic cylinder to operate the tipping mechanism. These New Trend Hydraulic Trailers are extremely versatile since it can be used as either commercial trailers or as dumpers. They are the solution when heavy loads are to be tipped. Battery power is required to power hydraulics system. New Trend is here to help you dump without breaking a sweat.

Tired of using the spade to off-load your trailer? Purchase one of our New Trend Tipper Trailers and dump your load with ease. These trailers are designed to be versatile to either use as a commercial trailer for transporting goods or to use as a tipper trailer when dumping is required.

Custom Build to your needs

Our Standard Hydraulic Tipper Trailer:

Dimensions (L,B)AxlePayloadWheels
3m x 1.6m1500kg (x2)2000kg195.14″

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