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A proven business concept with many successful operators already across South Africa, Namibia, other lower African Countries as well as Australia and Europe.

Skip Bins & Trailers Business Opportunity

New Trend Manufacturing Skip Bins & Trailers Business Opportunity

Start your own business with our skip bin and trailer opportunity!

Buy a skip trailer and 10 skip bins. You will need a towing vehicle. Compared to other business opportunities available, we offer you the lowest risk for the highest return on investment.

Our skip bin trailers are built for 2m³ bins. The trailers are 3000kg GVM double-axle trailers. The hydraulic system is run by a Honda engine. The systems are developed to be operated by one person, so the skip bins can be offloaded and collected with ease.


New Trend Manufactures prides ourselves on our high standard of workmanship. We select only the best steel to create our skip bins and trailers. Our trailers and skip bins are reliable and durable. You can expect them to last for years to come. Every trailer system has safety measures in place, to make sure you can safely deploy your skip bins. We focused our designs around efficiency, safety and reliability.


Buy a mini skip trailer and 10 Skips. You also need a towing vehicle. (Compared to other business opportunities available, we offer you the lowest risk for the highest return on investment.)


Only one operator required. Fuel and vehicle & trailer maintenance are the only other main expenses. (Our robust units require very little maintenance.).


You can charge anything between R450 to R650 per load depending the area and distance to the dumpsite. Most current operates average more than 6 loads per day.

Skip Trailer Business Opportunity

We have a wonderful opportunity for you to start your own business. Contact us to buy your skip bin trailer and 10 2m³ skip bins. If you are looking to expand your business, contact us and let us know what you need.

Equipment Package

The Standard Package: One mini skip trailer and ten skips, but other options are available.

Business Model

One trailer can service around twenty skips. You either rent it out per 24 hours or get contracts where you service clients once or twice weekly.

Lucrative Opportunity

This is a proven business opportunity where you are profitable within a couple of months, obviously, like all things in life, it depends on how much you put in.

Low Overheads

Operating and maintenance costs are low, making it a very profitable business model.

Support & Services

We have a well-established national support network for our products.

Proudly Yours

NO STRINGS ATTACHED. We are not a franchise and therefore there are no royalties to be paid and there are no area restrictions.

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