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About Us

New Trend Manufacturing is a South African based designer, manufacturer, exporter and service provider of Industrial Equipment with a wide range of Bulk Material & Commodity Transportation Equipment, Waste Removal & Recycling Transportation Equipment, Sanitation Equipment and Galvanised Trailers.

Our Core Values

The way we do business today has drastically been changed by the ever evolving influence of technology. In our age it is not unfamiliar to close a deal or to make important business decisions without meeting clients face to face.

In this ever changing world New Trend Manufacturing promise to always do business in a manner that stay true to our core values of Honesty & Integrity, Innovation, Quality and Commitment to Customers, Employees & Environment.

You will see these values in our products, employees, processes and the way we interact with and treat employees, suppliers, dealers and customers.

Our History

New Trend was born with the innovation of the world’s first hydraulic operated skip loader trailer. Read more about our history below. 

Our First Product – New Trend Manufacturing Skip Trailer

Our first of its kind hydraulic operated skip loader trailer paved the way for numerous small-scale waste removal companies around the world by supplying the market with a one-man operational skip unit designed for ease of use and with safety in mind.The versality of this product was soon realised which led to the development of the Universal Loader Trailer. 

The presence of our first product the Universal Loader Trailer made us well established in the market for Waste Removal & Recycling Transportation equipment as well as for Bulk Material & Commodity Transportation equipment.  We continued to design and develop new products for customers from these market sectors and were also introduced into new market sectors.


Quality means that the product or service we deliver in totality meets the requirements of the customer at the start of its life. Our every step focus to find the perfect balance between Garvin’s eight dimensions of quality:

Performance, Features, Reliability, Conformance, Durability, Serviceability, Aesthetics and Perceived Quality.

By doing this we deliver a competitive advantage from selling to supporting our products and services while establishing a pleasing work environment in which employees can thrive.


Innovation means the creation, development and implementation of a new product, process or service with the aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Through innovation we offer a competitive edge and strengthen customer preference for the New Trend Manufacturing Brand. We continuously improve our existing products, services and processes with the latest technology and manufacturing practices to uphold a competitive edge.

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any company and through innovation we strengthen our partnership and pave the road for future success and the long-term survival of our partnership and your business.


Commitment to Customers, Employees & Environment means we have a true passion to develop relationships that make a positive difference in the lives or customers, employees and the environment.

We believe through leadership of expressing respect and appreciation, conveying integrity and trust and by working as a team through humility we can better the lives of the both customers and employees while taking accountability of our effect on the environment to ensure a better future for us all.

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty means to telling the truth and being true. Integrity means having strong moral and ethical principles based on honesty and adherence to the principles. The ability to develop trust in followers and legitimacy is based on honesty and we must value integrity.

To maintain a solid reputation, we must deliver on our promises and keep to our word. We must take responsibility and accountability for our actions and behaviour with unquestioned commitment to our ethical and legal behaviour. Integrity through honesty is one of our core values to ensure the brand stays true.

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